The history of our company dates back to 1914 when Juan Bas Eroles, together with his father, started a wine distributor. Years later, in 1938, he created different brands, one of them well known and traditional today in Chile. With the passage of time and due to the commercial success of the products, it began to experience significant growth and expansion, becoming the undisputed leading brand in the seasonings and pickles segment.

After the death of Juan Bas Eroles in 1958, his son Juan Bas Mayo continued to run the company, supported by his twelve brothers, who worked and continued his father's legacy.

In 2000, Juan Bas Mora, grandson of Juan Bas Eroles, and son of Antonio Bas Mayo (former Sales Manager of Conservas Juan Bas SA), continued with the family legacy, creating and registering the brands "La Herencia" in the year 2003 and "Juanitos B" in 2014.

In July 2019, Juan Bas Mora, in honor of his grandfather Juan Bas Eroles, manages to register "JUAN BAS" as a trademark, and together with his sister María José Bas, they form the company Grupo Bas SpA.

Aiming to start a new path to face current challenges in the food industry, the company has joined strategic alliances with large Peruvian factories, always taking into consideration the consumer who today seeks better and healthier ways of eating with products of certified quality.