A story of Entrepreneurs who started a business more than 80 years ago, without thinking that there will be no end.

1914 - Valparaíso - Chile

 Pablo Bas Miraven,born in Barcelona-Spain, arrived in Chile at the beginning of the 20th century with his son Juan Bas Eroles, and took over the representation of the "Loma Blanca" vineyard of Planella Hermanos for Valparaíso and Viña del Mar.

1923 a 1936 - Santiago de Chile

Juan Bas Eroles becomes independent, and installs his own wine cellar which he called "La Superiora". Later in 1936 he moved to Santiago de Chile, to Calle Arturo Prat 1011 a few blocks from Avda. Matta, where he rented a winery from his friends Planella

1936 - Santiago de Chile

Juan Bas Eroles, begins the manufacture and sale of the first vinegars, and then the pickles in a factory with 1 office worker and 6 operators.

1938 - Santiago de Chile

Conservas Juan Bas S.A, the successor of the vinegar and pickle factory created by Juan Bas Eroles, is formed and they move to the new address at Carlos Valdovinos 555, in the San Joaquín district.

1954 - Santiago de Chile

Juan Bas Eroles hands over the command to Juan Bas Mayo, the eldest son, who, accompanied by his 12 brothers, continued the Company's legacy.

1992 - Santiago de Chile

The brand created by Juan Bas Eroles, became the first to be sold in Chile to the Hellmann's company.

1996 - Santiago de Chile

The Bas Family invests in new facilities to continue the tradition with a new image and brand; Years later it will be sold again, but now together with the entire factory, and thus, each member of the Bas society, follows their own new course.

2000 - Santiago de Chile

Antonio Bas Mayo, thirteenth son of Juan Bas Eroles, brings together all the knowledge learned from his Father and Brothers, and together with his son Juan Bas Mora, creates the brand "La Herencia", giving motivation to the business.

2014 - Santiago de Chile

Juan Bas Mora, continues the business with the talent inherited from grandfather Juan Bas Eroles, registering the "Juanitos B" brand, inserting it in commercial establishments of the traditional channel and food service, in the Metropolitan Region and Fifth Region.

2018 - Santiago de Chile

Juan Bas M., together with his sister María José Bas M., decide to join forces plus the energy of their DNA, thus creating "GRUPO BAS"   

2019 - July - Santiago de Chile.

Juan Antonio Bas M. and Grupo Bas manage to register the trademark "JUAN BAS" in honor of grandfather Juan Bas Eroles at the Chilean National Institute of Industrial Property.

2020 - December - Lima Perú.

Grupo Bas, in agreement with the Peruvian company RAM Industries, obtains the exclusive representation for Chile for the brand of prepared dishes "NADÚ", thus increasing its offer and becoming stronger by entering a new category.